About Jackie Valenzuela

The Holistic Mentor, Real Estate Broker, Ayurveda Wellness Educator, Reiki Master

Jackie Valenzuela is a real estate mentor and broker. She handled direct sales in Los Angeles for 18 years and experienced incredible success even amidst the economic crisis of 2008. After years of working as an entrepreneur, she discovered the power of holistic health and wellness tools for business owners.

Jackie saw firsthand how much more she could accomplish and how much happier, balanced, and less stressed she was when using holistic wellness tools. Now, she shares her wealth of knowledge with new and seasoned agents who want to work in a conscious way. Her passion for integrity, ingenuity, and inspiration make her one of the top mentors with eXp brokerage.

Jackie’s Journey

Jackie started her career in real estate similarly to most – she was fed up with her day job and wanted something more for herself. In 2005, she made the jump from health education to a career in real estate.

“I was terrified, but the chance to create a business of my own was exciting,” Jackie Valenzuela

After 6 months of learning and struggling, she got her first client and successfully sold the home for more than expected. The experience gave her the confidence she needed to continue in real estate.

Finding the Opportunity Amidst Crisis

However, trouble was on the horizon. Agents began to feel the economic recession on the ground beginning in 2006. Picking up on this shift, she pivoted and started helping distressed homeowners with short sales.

In the midst of this, Jackie was also facing personal instability. As she was elevating her business, her family life was breaking apart and suddenly found herself as a single mom of two daughters.

“The turmoil took a toll on my day-to-day and business. It was easy to turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms and bad habits,” Jackie Valenzuela

She faced the economic crisis as a newly licensed agent, but her success came at the cost of her mental health and well-being.

As she continued to work in short sales and learn about that industry, she found an opportunity to work directly with banks providing broker price opinion (BPO) reports. Ignoring the pleas of her broker to come back to the office or start doing door-knocking, she continued with the low-paying work of BPOs.

Then, a miracle.

One of her bank clients reached out with the opportunity to list their foreclosed homes for sale. This led to a huge breakthrough in her business. She suddenly had a huge amount of properties to list for sale. This influx of business forced her to structure the operations of her business, and she reached her goal of being a true entrepreneur and building a team. She was financially successful, despite the recession.

Starting a Brokerage

Jackie founded her own brokerage in 2015 and successfully operated it for five years. She poured herself into her business and was the accountant, operation manager, and trainer all at the same time.

Then, everything came to a head. Years of being a single mom, giving her all in her career, and turning to unhealthy habits took their toll.

“The years of escapism of focusing on everything and everyone other than myself caught up to me. This forced me to look at myself.”

Discovering the Holistic Way

Faced with the resurfacing deep personal trauma, she decided to take a break and dedicate herself to personal growth for a while. It took her deep into the study of Ayurveda, an ancient Indian health philosophy, and Reiki, a Japanese tradition of energy healing. Armed with these valuable holistic tools, she began to heal her body and mind from years of high-stress states.

She saw the power of holistic tools within the realm of entrepreneurship. It made her realize that although she was fortunate in business, she could have done so much more, easily, if she had been taught a holistic approach to life and business from the beginning.

This is why she is so passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge with agents looking to elevate.

Jackie has integrated the keys to an aligned career in real estate. Knowing that emotional intelligence leads to strong relationships and better negotiations, she has made this the center of her teachings.

“Self-mastery and self-regulation skills lead to a positive and calm outlook, even when times look dire and no clients or income are on the horizon.”