The Holistic Approach

What is the holistic approach and who is it for?

The holistic approach combines inner awareness and wellness practices with entrepreneurship to create harmony in one’s life and business. These structures can help you attract quality clients, navigate high-stress situations, and scale your business with flow rather than force.

The Holistic Approach is for:

  • New agents who want to start their business in the most balanced way
  • Agents who value personal awareness and connection with self
  • Agents struggling with stress, lack of focus, and direction
  • Agents whose health has suffered from work imbalances
  • Agents who want to learn the habits and rituals of successful people

Most real estate coaching programs teach you skills only specific to performance in real estate. They’re valuable skills, but you will still find yourself burnt out from ‘the grind.’ It takes more than just sales expertise and high income to live a happy life.

“When you are healthy and have peace of mind, you are able to navigate with more clarity, you’re more inspired. Ideas just flow, good situations just come, and you are able to cultivate that peace within your environment,” Jackie Valenzuela

Utilizing Daily Wellness Practices

Inner awareness in combination with healthy lifestyle choices for your constitution will help you become a real estate super star. All of us need different things to thrive. Knowing yourself and what specific things benefit you as part of your lifestyle will help you to work through your day with grace.

Our holistic approach takes into account things like your Ayurvedic dosha, which can help you determine specific actions and habits for you to implement to keep you at your best. Ayurveda is a traditional medical system originating in India, and is based on the concept that illness is caused by an imbalance within the natural elements of the body. Ayurveda encourages lifestyle interventions, natural treatments, therapies, and remedies that bring balance to your physical body, mind, spirit, and the environment around you.

Having your body, mind, and spirit in balance means your ability to think and work will stay at its optimal state.

Other wellness practices include mindful eating, self-Reiki, optimized sleeping, walking or sitting meditations, stretching or yoga, and more. As part of our learning, we dive in to see what practices and habits will help you be your best. The path is not the same for everyone, but everyone can see incredible benefits from implementing these small daily practices.

“When you start placing your focus on your wellbeing, rather than on your productivity, you will shift from motivated to inspired. You will have more energy. You’ll even look younger. You’ll be able to address conflicts knowing that the solution is also there. You won’t stress out or pass stress on to your clients. You’ll have more income, more time, and more harmonious relationships,” Jackie Valenzuela

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Emotional Awareness

Working well with others starts with emotional awareness, which is your ability to recognize and understand other people’s experiences. Not everyone has developed emotional intelligence skills, but those that have can understand and influence others’ emotions and behaviors. This capacity gives you the ability to recognize and think through others’ feelings without getting upset or defensive, which is vital when dealing with angry clients or high-stress negotiations.


Self-regulation is the ability to navigate and calm your nervous system and respond rather than react in the face of stressful situations. This leads to better decision-making and helps you find creative solutions rather than only seeing problems. This enables you to achieve the goals of you and your clients.


Self-management is being able to control impulses and behaviors, manage emotions in healthy ways, be proactive, stick to your word, and adapt to changing circumstances. In its most basic sense, this involves controlling one’s behaviors, emotions, and thoughts while striving for long-term goals.

The Shift

These skills enable you to be confident in high-intensity situations, making you the best in the game. Clients feel how reliable and consistent you are and this builds trust. Your reputation as an incredible agent grows rapidly and you get referrals like crazy. This is working smarter not harder. Working with ease rather than being in a state of constant high-anxiety.

“As you begin to shift, the clientele often shifts. You find better clients because you are better,” Jackie Valenzuela