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The Holistic Entrepreneur Course

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For real estate agents seeking a holistic life and approach to business


The Holistic Aproach

Most agents who work with a coach report seeing an increase of 25-200% in their business in the first year.*

*Source: Inman Special Report: Real Estate Coaching’s Payoff


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Our Unique Method

Most coaching or training courses only include group classes or 1-to-1 coaching.  

Our holistic program includes 1-to-1 mentoring sessions, small group Q&A calls, and pre-recorded video classes.

Module 1

From Lead to Contract
Operations – Business plan and vision, Tools (CRM), Time Management tips/techniques
Sales – Lead Generation, Follow-up, Nurture, Close
Marketing – Attracting clients online, Attracting clients offline

Module 2

From Contract to Close
Real Estate Essentials – From contract to close

Module 3

From Successful to happy
Mindset – The importance of perspective as a Realtor, addressing limiting beliefs as a Realtor,
managing unavoidable stress as a Realtor
Self-Care – Habits and rituals to cultivate happiness
Being Self-Aware – Understanding the solutions that Work for You


What people are saying about working with Jackie

Cekarri Nixon


Jackie’s knowledge of basically everything in the real estate world is amazing. She has seen a lot and done a lot and is happy to pass on the information.

Ledon Evans


The mentorship without a doubt was one of the best decisions in my real estate career. Other …mentor programs were lacking instruction, availability, technology, team effort, and real-life experience. There’s no way I could say I would be where I am today without having a mentor like Jackie to help me better understand my profession, guide me through the ups and downs of the business, and teach me how to be an effective communicator.

Horace Leong


As I was putting together my first contract and going over the comparables, everything that I’ve learned in the mentorship program set in. I felt confident and knowledgeable and was able to present that confidence to the clients and fellow agents

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