Real Estate Mentoring Programs for those seeking a Holistic Life

What good is financial success if it comes at the cost of your relationships, happiness, and health?

Leave ‘the grind’ behind and step into aligned action.

Every entrepreneur knows that the lines between business and personal life get blurred.This is why it’s important to integrate wellness practices and a holistic lifestyle into the day-to-day as a real estate agent. When you are the best version of yourself in every aspect, your business flourishes too. 

We teach master tools such as how to find clients, negotiate deals, and understand contracts, as well as wellness and personal skills to sustain the highest performing business and healthiest life. 

If you want to stop missing opportunities because your mental, emotional, and physical health is misaligned, then you’ve come to the right place.

Meet The Holistic Mentor –
Jackie Valenzuela

Real Estate Broker, Ayurveda Wellness Educator, Reiki Master

Jackie Valenzuela is a real estate veteran with over 300 completed transactions and 18 years of experience. Jackie became a licensed agent just before the economic recession of 2008. Her ingenuity and flexibility led her to make over $300,000/year amidst one of the hardest economic climates we’ve seen. A master of relationships, she started her own successful brokerage, built top teams, and has mentored many people to become real estate experts. 

She also specializes in Reiki and Ayurveda. Two things that seem unrelated to the real estate industry, but to Jackie, wellness regiments are the key to happiness as an entrepreneur. Money is not worth much if you can’t be at peace with yourself. 

Jackie teaches emotional intelligence, business strategy, and how to merge entrepreneurship with wellness.

Curious about the holistic approach? 

The Holistic Entrepreneur Course

The first months and years as a real estate agent can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. With so much to learn and master, it’s hard to know where to start and how to avoid beginner mistakes. Without the proper guidance, it’s easy to waste time and miss out on income. Our real estate agent mentorship course, The Holistic Entrepreneur is designed to take new agents from lost to lucrative in twelve weeks.

Take the steps for success in your first 30 days

Negociate with high levels of emotional intelligence

Find clients in a way that aligns with your personality

Make authentic, long-lasting connections with clients

Utilize daily habits to maximize performance

Create a brand that tells your story

Save your place today

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3 tips to growth your prospects

Tips For new agent of Real Estate



What people are saying about working with Jackie, The Holistic Mentor…

The mentorship without a doubt was one of the best decisions in my real estate career. I came from other brokerages where the mentor programs were lacking instruction, availability, technology, a team effort, and real-life experience. There’s no way  I would be where I am today without having a mentor like Jackie. [She helped] me better understand my profession, guide me the ups and downs of the business, teach me how to be able effective communicator and most of all help me apply everything learned into real time.

Horace Leong

“Jackie is an amazing human being, and she obviously cares about your success. Sometimes I feel she cares about my success as an agent more than I do. She helps you get in alignment with your true self and goals so you can be effective not only in your business but in your life. She’s truly patient, caring, understanding, and very knowledgeable.”

Valencia Simmons

“I love Jackie! She’s helped me both professionally and personally. She’s a business-minded yogi, which is incredibly rare. She’s super organized and structured. I appreciate her so much.”

Helen Yi

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Real Estate Mentoring Programs that see you as a human being, not just a function of capitalism.

Don’t waste any more time trying to figure out what your next step is.

Be led to holistic success, happiness, and health.

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